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Prophet Muhammad bin Abdullah (May Allah's Blessing And Peace Be Upon Him)

Historical Background

Prior to the advent of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him) the entire world had plunged into darkness.The light of civilization had faded away from Egypt to China and from Persia to Rom.The Roman and Persian empires,the two world powers,were in the worst state of tyranny and terrorism.Emperors were considerd gods or representatives of gods.With the clergy and army being at their disposal,they had strangled the common man through heavy taxes,bribes and forced labor.Devastating wars,frequent changes in the rulling dynasties,and large territories frequently passing from one empire to another caused newer forms of oppression.Churches and temples,on changing hands,became places of worship of each conqueror in turn.All over the world,the common man was deprived of the basic necessities of life and could not even raise his voice in protest.Freeedom was unknown and no religion or philosophy could guide him.Religion had become a profitable trade in the hands of religious orders in alliance with the rulling class.Greek philosophy had lost its force,the teaching of Confucius and Mani were forgotten.Budhist,Vedantic and Christian teaching had become ineffective.When humanity despaired and found no way of escape,the crisis reached its peak.It was at this critical stage that Allah Almighty selected a redeemer of humanity from a tribal area of the Arab Paninsula,which neither the Roman Empire nor the Persian Empire wanted to annex due to its barbarism,lack of yielding to any discipline,and utter moral degradation.

In the midst of this degradation,The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was assigned a mission to redeem humanity from the slavery of men (kings,emperors,clergymen,etc.) towards the service of One Almighty God.He stood up single-handed to change the entire world,while those who hated evil,like him,and were unable to reform their surroundings,had retired to forests and mountain caves and become monks.The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) on the other hand,boldly faced the situation,challenged the Roman Empire,the Persian Empires and the rest of the world alike,and crushed them to restore freedom for all.

The Mission of the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him)

The mission of Muhammad (pbuh) was to redeem humanity from the clutches
Of slavery,to transform the whole life of man from within and without,his individual as well as his community life.This all-embracing program was not taken up haphazardly but was the result of firm conviction,deep meditation and contemplation.For years,the deep questions of life,its meaning and purpose,engaged the Prophet’s mind.Every year for one month,in the cave of Hira he examined his own capacities and thought over the world condition,devoted his mind to the basic problems which afflicted the human society,but did not take any practical step until he received guidance in Divine Revelation.The greatest truth was that Allah is the Master of the universe and man is His servant.It was from this seed that the tree of wholesome civilization grew.

The revolutionary proclamation of the Prophet: ”Lailahaillallah” (there is no God but Allah) although brief,has tremendous significance.It was a decleration that threre is no divine being except ‘Allah” the only God,Who should be obeyed,loved,worshipped,praised and remembered.From Him one should expect all good and His displeasure one should fear.He will reward the good and punished the wicked.He is regarded as the master,ruler and lawgiver.His injuctions must be obeyed,and His prohibitions avoided.Lives must be moilded according to His will.Everything must be sacrificed on His command and His pleasure should be made the ideal of life.It was this comprehensive meaning of divinity that was condensed into the single phrase lailahaillallah..

Human society was suffering because these attributes of divinity were appropriated by different people and innumerable divinities were rulling over society,such as social rities,tribal and group traditions,and ruler and clergy dominance,under which man was powerless.Lailahaillallah struck at the root of all this.One who believed in this proclamation,declared that he did not recognize any other greatness except that of God,did not submit to any other rule,did not recognize any other law or code of conduct and would not bow before any other power,nor seek anyone else’s pleasure.This proclamation was in fact the declaration of man’s freedom.

The second part of this proclamation,”Muhammad-ur-Rasool-ul-Lah” (Muhammad is da Messenger) declared that the only means of uplift ans social reform was the Prophethood established by Allah (Almighty God),that real knowledge is provided through Revelation,which guides the thinking of mankind.That the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has completed the chain of Prophethood and that he was the last Rasool (messenger) of Allah .That life’s purpose can be secured from this source alone and it is only through Divine guidance that humanity can successfully advance towards its true goal of achieving the pleasure of Allah and inheriting Paradise.It was this interpretation of the proclamation that was made the foremost item of islam.To embrace islam,one has only to say and believe in this slogan.When this belief entered peoples hearts,it changed the entire outlook of man and gave birth to a new humanity on the march towards progress and rectitude.

The Prophet’s Mission and the Modern World

We study the teachings of Plato,Socrates,Marx,Einsten etc ,without any prejudice,but there are innumerable prejudices in the way of seeking guidance from the mission of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).There is a notion that Muhammad (pbuh) is the Prophet of the Muslims only,therefore, non muslims have nothing to learn from him.THIS IS INCORRECT!.Muhammad (pbuh) was assigned for the guidance of Humanity as is ordained in the Qur’an : say;O mankind, I am the Rasool of Allah towards ALL of you.”This includes all human beings:Muslims,Jews,Christian,Buddhists,Hindus,people of other religions and atheists as well.

The life of the Prophet is often not studied as a whole,but in fragments.An unbiased study of his biography clearly indicates that the personality which shines in the background of the European renaissance and whose hand could be traced behind democracy,international movements and religious reforms is none else but Muhammad (pbuh).Studying a mission and the sponsor of the mission can never lead to a true appraisal if there is an overdose of biased and hostile literature on the subject,which can prejudice the minds of even those who are not absolutely averse to the Truth.

The Qur’an’s message is for all humanity,for the whole world of the east and the West,for black and white,for the classes and the masses,for labor and their employers,for men and women of all walks of life,for all religions and political persuasions,for the rulers and yhe ruled,for the learned and ignorant and for every man in every field of activity.The Qur’an deals with “Man” (which is used in the Qur’an to mean men as well as women) and not with his civilization,ethnicity,language or colour.Man’s birth,growth,senses of good and bad,hot and cold,laughter and crying,happiness and sorrow are all alike.Time has changed,civilizations have changed,but ‘Man’ is the same as it was at the time of the creation of Adam and will remain the same until the Last Day.That’s why Allah’s message is for all times:it is applicable to us today as it was applicable at the time of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) one thousand and fourteen hundred years ago.

Hari Raya Aidilfitri adalah isu Aqidah umat Islam.Tiada kompromi

Kenapa Iklan Hari Raya TV3 ditarik semula penerbitannya?

Scene 1 - Budak Lelaki Melayu sedang menilik-nilik sebuah buku bergambar di malam yang gelap dalam sebuah pondok buruk beratapkan rumbia dengan bertemankan sebiji mentol. Terdapat sebuah sangkar burung yang tergantung di sebelah kanan tingkap yang terbuka. 1.Budak Lelaki Melayu - Orang Melayu 2.Buku - Bible 3.Pondok Buruk Beratap Rumbia - Kemiskinan 4.Malam Yang Gelap - Islam yang mundur 5.Mentol Lampu - Pencerahan (Illumination) - Lucifer@Iblis 6.Sangkar Burung - Simbol manusia yang terkurung dan terkongkong dengan ajaran ISLAM7.Tingkap Terbuka - Jalan keluar dari kemiskinan dan kemunduran Scene 2 - Close up sehelai mukasurat yang mempunyai gambar sebuah beca bewarna merah dengan berlatarbelakangkan sebuah pokok Krismas dan North Star (Bintang Utara), menutup sehelai mukasurat lain bertulisan JAWI yang diterbalikkan (inverted). 1.Mukasurat Bergambar - Bible (Christianity) 2.Mukasurat Jawi terbalik - Al-Quran yang dihinakan 3.Beca Merah - Samaran untuk kenderaan Santa Claus 4.North Star - Bintang Kelahiran Horus (Dajjal)Pokok Krismas - Simbol Paganism Scene 3 - Keluarnya bintang-bintang kecil beraura yang membawa cahaya dari gambar beca. Budak Melayu delighted (kagum dan gembira). Bintang-bintang berterbangan keluar dari tingkap rumah buruk lalu membentuk sebuah beca merah berlampu lip-lap dengan seorang lelaki separuh abad yang memakai songkok (bukan ketayap) putih dan berambut putih. Lelaki separuh abad mempelawa budak Melayu untuk bersama-sama menaiki beca merah dan seterusnya meninggalkan pondok buruk. 1.Bintang-bintang kecil beraura - Keajaiban, kekayaan, kemahsyuran, kemodenan etc. 2.Lelaki Rambut Putih Dan Bersongkok Putih - POPE - Ketua Agama Kristian 3.Pelawaan Menaiki Beca - Pelawaan Masuk Kristian Scene 4 - Budak Lelaki Melayu dengan seorang Budak Perempuan Melayu masuk ke dalam beca dan terus duduk bersandar. (Scene ini memaparkan kejayaan memurtadkan (merosakkan) Bangsa Melayu) 1.Budak Lelaki Dan Budak Perempuan Melayu - Bangsa Melayu. Scene 5 - Beca terbang ke Pulau Pinang, Teluk Intan, dan Kuala Lumpur. Tempat-tempat ini bercahaya dan bersinar (illuminated) dengan kehadiran beca merah. 1.Pulau Pinang - Tempat Illuminati mula bertapak (Francis Light). 2.Teluk Intan, Hilir P...erak (Anson) - Ada Illuminati Lodge kat sini. Rotary club pun bersepah. 3.Kuala Lumpur - Malaysian Illuminati punya capital. Scene 6 - Tiba-tiba ada satu pasangan tambahan budak lelaki/perempuan melayu dalam beca. 1.Pasangan Melayu Extra - Murtad dan kerosakan makin berkembang dan mendapat sambutan Scene 7 - Beca berhenti depan unit kondo. Satu pasangan budak Melayu lagi diorang pickup. Budak Melayu Kampung gembira sampai bercahaya-cahaya mukanya. 1. Kondo - Bandar/Middle Class. Budak kampung dah diterima oleh orang bandar. Masuk Kristian adalah cool, urban, modern dsbnya. Scene 8 - Seorang budak perempuan memeluk seorang budak perempuan lain dari belakang. Kepala seorang budak lelaki hanya tersengih di tepi pasangan tersebut. 1.Pasangan Budak Perempuan Berpelukan - Lesbianism/Feminism 2.Kepala Budak Lelaki Tersengih - Lelaki yang tak dipedulikan dan diperbodohkan. Scene 9 - Beca terbang merentasi sebuah pulau. 1.Pulau - Singapore lah. Scene 10 - Beca terbang merentasi awan dan menuju ke sebuah kawasan pergunungan. Kelihatan sebuah masjid di sebelah kiri, budak-budak Melayu tak mempedulikan kewujudan masjid malah lebih tertarik dengan pemandangan di bawah beca terbang. 1.Kawasan Pergunungan (Bukit-bukau) - tempat tinggal Jin 2.Masjid Kecil - Agama Islam yang lemah Scene 11 - Budak-budak Melayu sudah mendarat dan terus berlari sambil menunjuk-nunjuk ke arah Masjid yang terletak jauh disebalik jurang yang dalam sambil ketawa berdekah-dekah. Terdapat dua tangan misteri yang juga sedang menunjuk-nunjuk ke aras masjid. Sebuah bangunan misteri berada di antara masjid dan budak-budak Melayu. 1.Bangunan Misteri - Sebagai cover up (Yang sebenarnya ditunjuk-tunjuk adalah Masjid) 2.Perbuatan Menunjuk Menggunakan Jari Telunjuk - Perlakuan Biadab

KuRma (KuRindui Ramadhan)

Muhammad Mus'ab Muzahar - muspalestina - mustrategy - muscomplicated

Muhammad Mus'ab Muzahar - muspalestina - mustrategy - muscomplicated
"Generasi muda ialah rahsia kehidupan umat dan mata air kebangkitannya.Sejarah umat ialah sejarah para tokoh yang dilahirkannya,yang memiliki AQIDAH yang kuat dan ROH yang membara.Kuat lemahnya umat sesungguhnya diukur dari sejauh mana kemampuan 'rahim' umat itu dapat melahirkan tokoh yang memenuhi syarat rijal yang sebenarnya"

Atheis - Ska - Punk yang lebih 'Palestina'

Video menunjukkan sekumpulan Atheis berfahaman sosial SKA Punk mewakili kaum Yahudi anti Zionis.Umum mengetahui bahawa tidak semua orang Yahudi berfikiran kejam seperti Zionis.Malahan,Fenomena yang berlaku pada tahun 2000-an menunjukkan semakin ramai Rabbi Yahudi lantang mengutuk kekejaman Zionis di palestin. p/s Band diatas tidak mewakili Aqidah umat Islam !! Persamaannya hanyalah pada 'kebencian' mereka terhadap Zionis laknatullah.

{ وَٱلْقَمَرِ إِذَا تَلاَهَا } and [by] the moon when it follows her, rising after she has set(91:2)

muspalestina dan ummah

muspalestina dan ummah
"Bila kau bergelar DAIE kau wajib sedar bahawa jiwamu tidak boleh selamanya REMAJA..Kata AsSyahid Hassan Al- Banna"Tanggungjawab melebihi masa yang ada"..Tarbiyyah yang bersalutkan ILMU dan CABARAN lah yang dapat mendewasakanmu..tetapi cukupkah sekadar menerima tarbiyyah?Sampaikanlah kepada Syabab,sedarlah wahai Fatayat,kalian bukan memulakan perjuangan,tetapi kalian adalah PERMATA -PERMATA yang menyambung perjuangan anbiya'